From Gloom & Glitz to Glory by Author Edna M. Sullivan

In her first memoir, From Gloom and Glitz to Glory Dr. Edna Sullivan tells her incredible life story from the struggles of her childhood in Southeastern Kentucky to her life as a young Christian woman, friend, student, and devoted single parent.

In her childhood Edna became known for her singing and dancing and her charismatic way with people of all ages.  One of the most influential people in her life was her third grade teacher Rosie Ivory Pettygrue and actor, writer, and producer Les Roberts.  The amorous southern girl was the first of her mother’s children to become a minister and pursue a doctorate degree.

Born in 1950 and growing up in Kentucky’s  Appalachian Mountains, Edna’s life of joy and success was preceded by years of sadness and disguise, when she lived in her grandparents’ house with her single mother and sibling, and endured near mental, emotional and physical cruelty from her grandmother . She shares how she blossomed from a scary little girl into a beautiful confident woman instantaneously, getting her start by relocating from Kentucky to Ohio with her favorite aunt and uncle; and how her desire to be everything her grandmother said she couldn’t be, ignited a burning desire to complete college and become a psychologist. However, another fire was ignited by, Jesus Christ, propelling her to move forward in her Christian journey.  She met and married a handsome young man from Cleveland, Ohio and became overwhelmed early in the marriage by the disappointment of infidelity. After much physical abuse and many disappointments the marriage ended and she was left with the ultimate joy of raising a daughter (an angel) and two sons.  Her happiness was enhanced as a mother and grandmother.

From trying times to triumphant ones, this scintillating autobiography paints a multi-dimensional portrait of the woman behind the celebrity, beginning each chapter with a letter, photograph, or object that prompts her memories. In Edna’s own words, this book is a collection of emotional “memories, sketches, short stories, and secrets”, about events and incidents she experienced throughout her life all of which shaped her into the woman she is today. From the pages of this book she speak to every man, woman and child  who has gone through or is experiencing pain from holding on to the memories of situations and events that brought pain and insecurity in their lives. From Gloom & Glitz to Glory is Edna’s way of expressing her joy and letting us all know that there is happiness and healing when we open our hearts to God.


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